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We are the Multimedia Development Corporation or MDeC which directs and oversees Malaysia’s National ICT (Information & Communication Technology) Initiative, the MSC Malaysia (formerly known as the Multimedia Super Corridor in Malaysia).

MDeC is committed to:

drive MSC Malaysia by empowering businesses and
  connecting communities through ICT
facilitate Malaysia’s goal of becoming the
  preferred location for ICT and multimedia innovations,
  operations and services

What is Digital Malaysia (DM)?

Digital Malaysia is a unique programme based on three strategic thrusts. It will create an ecosystem that promotes the pervasive use of ICT in all aspects of the economy to connect communities globally and interact in real time resulting in increased Gross National Income, enhanced productivity and improved standards of living. This will result in a developed digital economy that connects and empowers government, businesses and citizens.

The Digital Malaysia programme’s three strategic thrusts will leverage on new and existing initiatives to drive Malaysia towards a digital economy.

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