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Malaysia is one of the few countries with a structured Big Data Analytics (BDA) roadmap to untap the value of big data. At the turning point of digital revolution, the powers of big data can be used to describe a problem, assess a situation, forecast results, and prepare solutions. Business owners, government, and citizens all stand to gain from Malaysia’s vision as ASEAN’s leading BDA solution hub.

To make this vision a reality, MDEC is spearheading this platform to lead efforts and create conversations. MDEC works to encourage and increase BDA adoption across all sectors by developing talent in the field of data science and enabling strategic partnerships, while introducing upskilling efforts and spurring integrated initiatives.

Our strategic initiatives are:

  • Generating (Increasing) the usage of BDA in private sectors.
  • Catalysing the adoption and usage of BDA in public sectors.
  • Building the BDA industry in Malaysia.

To propel MDEC forward as an industry leader in ASEAN, we have set up the ASEAN Data Analytics eXchange (ADAX), a regional platform that brings together innovative talent development models and showcase the latest BDA technologies. A national initiative to benefit Malaysia, ADAX has the unique opportunity to serve a greater national agenda. This aspiration can only take flight by building a Big Data community through shared values, skills building and collaboration around a robust data analytic ecosystem.

By piloting advanced data analytics use cases for the ASEAN region and providing a co-working location for BDA start-ups and accelerators, ADAX has a unique opportunity to catalyse the migration of traditional organisations to become Data Driven Organisations.



Fusionex is a global, award-winning IT software group specialising in Analytics, and the Internet of Things (IoT). Known as ASEAN's only commercialised IT software group with a complete and user-friendly BDA product, they were approached by Intel to use their vast underutilised data to extend the life and value of their manufacturing assets, while improving their maintenance strategy and preventing downtime.

To that end, Fusionex needed a BDA solution that offered business intelligence and analytics capabilities for Intel's manufacturing process. They created a pilot programme called Fusionex GIANT, a BDA software solution with streaming capabilities for real-time monitoring and analytics that can prepare, analyse and present data in easy-to-understand visuals. This pilot programme can also incorporate the Internet of Things (IoT) gateway to transmit manufacturing data from factory equipment to their Industrial Data Centre (IDC).

The implementation of Fusionex GIANT has helped Intel to increase manufacturing, produce higher yields, improve efficiency, and reduce downtime, resulting in the resolution of three distinct problem areas across different types of data and production processes. It also helped Intel predict up to 90% of potential failures of test equipment before an incorrect diagnoses could occur, reducing yield losses from false diagnoses by 25%.

Tapway is a tech company that capitalises on Internet of Things (IoT) and Big Data Analytics (BDA) to revolutionise businesses through deep shopper profiling, behavior analysis, and highly personalised engagement solutions. These innovations are applied to Wi-Fi connections at café chain retailers by collating customer's engagement patterns, usage time and duration, as well as to encourage sign-ups and to acquire customer database for their loyalty programme.

Tapway's retail analytics solutions using their Guest Wi-Fi captive portal has generated 3,000 names for their database within three months, enabling clients to obtain detailed visitor trends used to craft targeted campaigns to attract new customers while rewarding return ones.