To be listed as IDE Compliant, Startups are required to comply with the Shariah Compliant Startup Mi'yar and Mi'yar for Technology Product & Services, which will be validated through a screening process, in terms of business activities in the digital space and the operational end-to-end process within the company - from product and services, financial management to capital structure.

The screening process will be conducted by Amanie Group, Shariah advisory firm specializing in Islamic financial services.

Benefits of being in Islamic Digital Economy COMPLIANT LIST

List of Islamic Digital Economy Compliant Startup as of

Company nameWebsiteIDE Screening Approval
Maslaha Tech Sdn BhdN/A3/8/2018
Tripfez Travel Sdn Bhd
DisruptX Sdn Bhd
ZeptoExpress Berhad
Kaishi Studio Sdn Bhd N/A 3/8/2018
Salam Web Technologies My Sdn Bhd 19/11/2018
Zaahara Ventures Sdn Bhd
Win Quarters Sdn Bhd 4/12/2018
Wahdah Technologies Sdn Bhd 4/12/2018
Myquickhr Sdn. Bhd 20/12/2018
Billplz Sdn Bhd 20/12/2018
Virtareal Sdn Bhd 20/12/2018
Wahed Technologies Sdn Bhd 20/12/2018
Technerd Lab Sdn Bhd 20/12/2018
Ethis Ventures Sdn Bhd 20/12/2018

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