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28 December 2018

Important Update and Changes on MSC Malaysia BOG 5

26 December 2018

Important Announcement: Removal of Export Condition Under MSC Malaysia Conditions of Grant

06 December 2018

Datuk Yasmin relinquishes position as CEO of MDEC

15 November 2018 launches Silicon Valley-based GrowthX in Kuala Lumpur

08 November 2018


02 November 2018

LEVEL UP KL 2018 Ends with a Big Bang!

31 October 2018

LEVEL UP KL 2018 Empowers Developers to Explore New Technology in Games

22 October 2018

Co-working space DOJO KL welcomes Asia’s most exciting Ecosystem Builder, Commerce.Asia and Silicon Valley’s GrowthX Academy

11 October 2018

SAP chooses Malaysia for Solution Delivery Centre catering to Enterprises throughout Southeast Asia

11 October 2018

Malaysia’s First Integrated CyberSecurity Talent Zone Launched at Asia Pacific University

10 October 2018

Malaysia Continues to Groom Data Professionals

10 October 2018


03 September 2018

#mydigitalmaker Fair 2018 Designed to Inspire More Digital Producers in Malaysia

09 August 2018

MDEC Pays Homage to Malaysia's Animation and Creative Industry with the Return of Kre8tif! Conference & Content Festival 2018

26 July 2018

Presentations Slides: Introduction to OECD – BEPS Exercise

19 July 2018

Public-Private Partnership to Boost Malaysia’s Regional Reach as a Cybersecurity Industry Leader

25 April 2018

Empowering Malaysia’s Micro-Entrepreneurs to Boost eCommerce

09 April 2018

Malaysia Launches Digital Transformation Acceleration Programme to Encourage Businesses Transformation

22 March 2018

Magnus Games Studio Signs Worldwide Publishing Deal For Re:Legend

22 March 2018

KITAMEN serlahkan Industri Permainan Digital Tempatan dan Sukan eSports

26 February 2018

Malaysia's PRIDE: Major move to secure regional cybersecurity economy growth

08 February 2018

Malaysia On Track To Achieve 21% eCommerce Growth By 2020

06 February 2018

City Brain FAQ

29 January 2018

Alibaba Cloud Boosts Malaysia’s AI Ecosystem Through Platform, People and Technology

19 January 2018

LEVEL UP Inc Welcomes Official Visit by YB Datuk Seri Dr. Salleh Said Keruak, Minister of Communications and Multimedia, In Support of A Vibrant Games Industry in Malaysia

19 December 2017

Sunway iLabs Announced as Malaysia's Fifth Digital Hub

18 December 2017

TechMatch ASEAN 2017 Brings Silicon Valley Investors to Southeast Asian Start-Ups & Scale-Ups

13 December 2017

OLM, Inc. to Establish the First 2D Anime Studio in Malaysia

15 November 2017

Axiata Digital Collaborates with MDEC to extend its API Platform as a services gateway for Malaysian businesses into regional markets in Asia

06 November 2017

Malaysia Redefines Cross-Border Trade with Digital Free Trade Zone

27 October 2017

National Budget 2018 – MDEC’s Budget Commentary

26 October 2017

Malaysia on Track to Grow Global Tech Start-up Ecosystem

10 October 2017

#MYCYBERSALE 2017 Provides Boost to Malaysia’s eCommerce Sector

04 October 2017

Malaysia to Accelerate Growth of Data Professionals

28 September 2017

ISACA and Malaysia Digital Economic Corporation Partner To Enhance Business Technology Professions

25 September 2017

CXS Ramps up Malaysia Re-Domiciling with Global Partners Conference

09 August 2017

MDEC Brings the Region’s Animation Industry to Life with Kre8tif! Conference & Content Festival 2017

07 August 2017

Create@Alibaba Cloud ASEAN Startup Contest Held in Malaysia

07 August 2017

MDEC Inks Partnership with Entrepreneurs’ Organization to Accelerate Digital Adoption

23 May 2017

“Kembara #mydigitalmaker bersama PINTAR” to Expose 100,000 Rural and Underserved Students On Digital Innovation

15 May 2017

What eCommerce boosts will Malaysia receive from Alibaba's post DFTZ moves?

12 May 2017

Hangzhou Municipal Government, MDEC, Alibaba, sign MoU to facilitate Cross-Border Trade and Reduce Trade Barrier

21 April 2017

MDEC Introduced Malaysia Digital Hub™ and Malaysia Tech Entrepreneur Programme to Drive the Growth of Digital Economy

24 March 2017

Malaysia Launches World’s First Digital Free Trade Zone

16 March 2017

Malaysia Continues to See High Investment Growth from MSC Companies

31 January 2017

ANNOUNCEMENT: Unauthorize third party using eUsahawan brand

26 January 2017

ANNOUNCEMENT: Unauthorize third party conducting eUsahawan Training

21 November 2016

MDEC and UOA Holdings Sign MoU to Set Up Game Hub in Bangsar South

16 November 2016

LEVEL UP KL 2016 Showcases the Breadth of Malaysia’s Gaming Industry to the World

15 November 2016

Program eU@Marketplace Pertingkatan Taraf Usahawan Mikro Melalui Tujuh Platform Dagangan Online Terkemuka

26 October 2016

MDEC Celebrates Malaysian Talents for their Creations on YouTube Kids

26 October 2016

Where Fantasy Meets Reality: Malaysia's Streamline Studios Shares Experience Co-Developing the Final Fantasy XV Game for Square Enix

21 October 2016

National Budget 2017 – MDEC’s Budget Commentary

14 October 2016

Malaysia in prime position to lead the Digital Economy

23 September 2016

#MYCYBERSALE 2016 Targets RM200 Million Worth of Sales!

21 September 2016

Malaysia focuses on building a data driven ASEAN

05 September 2016

BANDAI NAMCO Studios Malaysia is Officially Open for Business

11 August 2016

Creating a nation of digital makers key to Malaysia’s future success

02 August 2016

20th Anniversary: MDEC's effort empowering Digital Economy

16 June 2016

IFLIX Joines Elite GAIN Initiative, Solidifies Support From MDEC

03 June 2016

MDEC Signifies a New Stage for Indonesia-Malaysia Digital Partnership

02 June 2016

Malaysia and the UK sign MoU to collaborate in cross-cutting technology

01 June 2016

Kre8tif! Conference 2016 is Back to Amplify and Inspire Local Creative Content Innovators

29 April 2016

Harvard Business School to Nurture Data Professionals in Malaysia

25 April 2016

Tan Sri Sidek Hassan is the New Chairman of MDEC

15 April 2016

NanoMalaysia, Scomi and MDEC Sign MoU to Develop Internet of Nano-Things (IoNT) Synergies in Smart Transportation Ecosystems

13 April 2016

Cloudera leads industry collaboration to groom more data professionals in Malaysia

12 April 2016

Malaysia Sees High Investment Growth from MSC Companies

06 April 2016

We are now known as Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation

02 April 2016

Pelancaran Program Bootcamp eUsahawan Melaka

02 April 2016

‘Big Community’ for Big Data Professionals & Companies

02 April 2016

ChemCaper Kickstarter

02 April 2016

Les Copaque Upin Ipin Game

02 April 2016

MDEC Appoints New CSO

02 April 2016


21 January 2016

MDEC Recognises MSC Malaysia Community Involvement In Raising Money For #TogetherWithU Campaign

21 January 2016

MDEC Launches National Big Data Analytics (BDA) Innovation Network

21 January 2016

MDEC’s Talent Enhancement Programmes Complements National Agenda to Boost Human Capital Development and Address Talent Gap

21 January 2016

MDEC Collaborates with GameFounders To Accelerate Malaysia’s Vision of Becoming Asia’s Games Hub by 2020

21 January 2016

MDEC Drives Government Open Data through Partnership and National Champions

21 January 2016

Malaysia’s Data Hub in Iskandar to Accelerate Local Cloud Services and Data Centre Industry Growth and Drive Investors

21 January 2016

MDEC Supports Public and Private Universities to Bridge Talent Gap in Data Analytics Industry

21 January 2016

MSC Malaysia Reports Strong 2014 With 11% Revenue Growth

21 January 2016

MDEC And MaGIC Take Aspiring Startups To Strategic Next Level

21 January 2016

Program Transformasi Usahawan Digital

21 January 2016

Game On For ASEAN!

21 January 2016

eRezeki Programme for Malaysians To Earn Supplementary Income Online

29 December 2015

CIMB MDEC InnoChallenge

29 December 2015

National Big App Challenge

29 December 2015

Cloud South East Asia

29 December 2015

Malaysia's Biggest Online Sale

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