Who can I contact for more information?

MDEC Client Contact Centre (CliC) E-mail: clic@mdec.com.my Toll free no.: 1-800-88-8338 (within Malaysia) Tel : +6 03 8315 3000 (outside Malaysia) Fax: +603 8315 3115 SMS: Type MDEC ASK [...]

Can companies approved after 1st January 2015, who are already located at a Cybercity or Cybercentre, apply for MSC4Startups?

Yes, a company has the option to remain at their current location until the expiry of the current tenancy agreement and subsequently relocate to their desired Cybercity or Cybercentre. [...]

How long will the MSC Malaysia Status application process take?

Upon full submission of accurate and complete documentation, the Client Charter period is 30 days to seek a decision from the MSC Approval Committee

With this programme, what is the minimum paid-up capital required for a company to apply for Foreign Knowledge Worker (FKW)?

If company (after been awarded MSC Malaysia Status) has the intention to apply for Foreign Knowledge Worker (FKW), a minimum paid-up of RM2.00 is required for one (1) year [...]

What is the minimum paid-up capital required for company to apply for MSC4Startups Programme?

The minimum paid-up capital to apply for MSC Malaysia for Startups Programme is RM1.00.

Can a 100% foreign-owned company apply for MSC4Startups Programme?

Yes, however the applying company should be a single entity that is not affiliated with a multinational company OR group of companies.

What was the fundamental reason behind placing all MSC Malaysia Status companies in the same location called the Multimedia Super Corridor back in 1996?

MSC or Multimedia Super Corridor was first conceptualized in 1996, with a strategy to catalyze the transformation of Malaysia economy and society into the Information Age. The MSC was [...]

Will the MSC4Startups Programme be in place beyond 2020?

The mechanisms are put in place to meet our long-term MSC Malaysia plan.

What will happen to all the MSC Cybercities and Cybercentres?

MSC Malaysia Cybercities and Cybercentres will continue to provide conducive business locations to existing MSC Malaysia Status companies. With MSC4Startups Programme taking effect on 1ST January 2015, new Cybercities [...]

Why is the partial taxation exemption for MSC4Startups companies only valid for 5 years?

This was a policy decision when the plan for MSC4Startups companies was drawn up. MSC4Startups companies will only enjoy Pioneer Status tax exemption incentive for 5 years. To enjoy [...]

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