Running with Flair
Last year, in May, we organized the Cyberjaya Kre8tif! Costume Fun Run. This year, we hand over the reins to Setia Haruman. Combining fun, friendship, family and healthy living, the run was held to help create awareness about health and fitness but also for the community to know more about the local IP’s and their success stories as well as kickstart the hype for the Kre8tif! Month. Some of the familiar faces you would see during the fun run include some from the local animation roster such as 'Boboiboy', 'Ejen Ali’, Didi &Friends, Omar & Hana, Cici Chacha, Chuck Chicken, Hogie The Globhopper, as well as Cam & Leon. What really makes this run stand out from the rest is that all of these mascots ran alongside participants, truly putting the ‘fun’ in fun run. Participants were also encouraged to get creative and dress up in their beloved animated characters.

With this year hashtag #CyberjayaKre8tifCostumeFunRun2018, the Cyberjaya Kre8tif! Costume Fun Run 2018 was open to everyone and anyone. Kids as young as 6 years old were are able to participate alongside their favourite local animation characters.

We really want Cyberjaya to be a fun and vibrant place to work, live, study and play, and the fun run is one of the ways we are trying to make it happen.