An Academy for Malaysian SMEs
To escalate the numbers of Malaysian SMEs joining the eCommerce boom, a leading Malaysian-based provider of online payment solutions, iPay88 Holding Sdn Bhd (iPay88) has set up its iPay88 Academy.

Applauding the move, which was officially announced on 27 August 2018, Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC) Chief Operating Officer commented: “In the digital arena, SMEs can no longer delay establishing their presence in eCommerce with the goal of exporting their products and services across borders. SMEs must quickly step up and align themselves to the opportunities that are abound in a digitalised world and make a significant presence in the global market.”  

Echoing these comments, the Director of MDEC’s eCommerce Division, Song Hock Koon said that eCommerce is no longer a 'new' way of doing business and that ‘eBusiness’ was rapidly becoming the order of the day as more and more business opt to go online to cater to a wider and more diverse clientele.  

The move to establish the iPay88 Academy is seen as another significant testament to the collaborative effort between the industries, government, and academia. This communal effort is quickly becoming a key catalyst in boosting our digital economy.  

Chan Kok Long, Founder and Executive Director of iPay88, said that the main goal of iPay88 Academy is to directly support the core objective of the National Strategic eCommerce Roadmap – which is to accelerate seller adoption of eCommerce in Malaysia.  

The iPay88 Academy is help to people gain insight and knowledge into the world of eCommerce and how successfully navigate the twist and turns of this increasingly prominent business exercise.  

iPay88 Academy comprises a systematic series with three course levels – ranging from Basic, Intermediate to Advance – that anyone can sign up for free, to gain knowledge and skills in e-Commerce operations.  

The iPay88 Academy offers two types of programmes: -  

a) Learning Program that assists companies, SMEs and individuals to learn how to launch and generate traffic for their online business.
b) Training Program that targets to improve employees, merchants and re-sellers product knowledge as value add to iPay88 services.

Putting the ‘e’ in eCommerce

Moving forwards, iPay88 will expand the Academy by working with selected local universities to incorporate the Academy’s syllabus into the coursework of the academic institutions. iPay88 is currently initiating discussions with several universities, to customize the ‘iPay88 Academic’ syllabus as the ‘real industry practice’ part of the universities’ select academic coursework.  

For this certification partnership, iPay88 targets to confirm partnerships with three (3) local academic institutions by mid of 2019.