Transforming Mindsets: #MYDIGITALMAKER Fair 2018
According to the World Economic Forum, 65% of children in schools will be working in occupations that do not yet exist. These new jobs may include robot counselors, tele-surgeons, and drone traffic optimisers – to name just a few.

Navigating a path through the disruption - posed by rapidly emerging technologies and changing business models and ways of doing things - calls for a change in our mindsets.  

The #mydigitalmaker Movement helps to positively address these challenges. One of major components of this movement is the #mydigitalmaker Fair, the result of joint public-private-academia initiative, which was initially spearheaded MDEC with the Ministry of Education.  

As well as consuming digital content, we need to encourage our youths, and indeed all Malaysians, to become producers – digital makers to grow our digital future.  

This shift to life-long learning, of digital creativity and problem solving is included in #mydigitalmaker through the promotion of skills such as coding, app development, 3D printing, robotics, embedded programming and data analytics.  

The #digitalmaker Movement saw a huge step forward in January 2017 for our country’s educational development: the introduction of computational thinking in all subjects taught in Standard 1 (Year 1) while Computer Science (CS) was offered as an elective in Form 1 and Form 4.  

Experiential Extravaganza

While the education system is revving up for a future of possibilities, we can all also play an active role in shaping the young minds of our country. Which is why we are following last year’s inaugural #mydigitalmaker Fair with an even bigger, better #mydigitalmaker Fair 2018.  

On the 30th of August, MDEC together with the Ministry of Education (MoE) announced that this year’s Fair will be held on the 29th - 30th September at Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil. The emphasis will be on exposing the younger generation to digital creativity and innovation in a fun way hands-on events, which include coding, and the latest digital technologies.  

During the official announcement, MDEC Chief Executive Officer Datuk Yasmin Mahmood said: “Tasked to position Malaysia as a beacon of digital economy, MDEC is committed to build and grow the nation’s digital future. Our youths will be the generation that can drive Malaysia to greater heights and education is the way to make that happen.”  

“Nurturing digital heroes is not a one-person’s responsibility; it is all of ours. Hence the public-private-academia partnership is key in bringing-to-life the ecosystem that will achieve a digital nation,” she added.  

What to Expect

This year, the Fair will be held on 29th -30th September at Axiata Arena, Bukit Jalil. It will feature:  

o Digital maker hands-on activities & competitions, Robotics, Drone-making, Drone racing, AI, 3D Printing, Games, eSports, Coding, Micro-controllers
o Career talks about jobs of the future
o Student’s digital inventions
o Educators’ learning track
o The best digital makers pitting their skills and inventions against each other

#mydigitalmaker Fair is a manifestation of the #mydigitalmaker Movement where it brings to life the ecosystem by bringing industry players, academicians and the relevant government ministry under one roof. Designed for students, teachers and families, the two-day event provides hands-on experience to digital making. annual event provides hands-on experience. The first Fair was held on 16th and 17th September 2017 at Kuala Lumpur Convention Centre. The event witnessed approximately 20,000 visitors and it was a huge success.